With over twenty years’ experience in the sector, Promeco is an international leader in the design, production, distribution and promotion of fashion and tableware items for large-scale retail distribution.

Founded in Belgium by Karim Redjal in 1995, the company has used its expertise in mass-market distribution to design and promote exclusive, high-end products in partnership with world-famous brands to make them accessible to the wider public. Since its inception, Promeco has successfully conducted over 3000 customer loyalty campaigns.

Through its work, the business has built up a prestigious client base and secured close working relationships with businesses from all corners of the globe, helping them to increase their sales and securing customer loyalty.

Our creative teams collaborate closely with the design departments of the brands for whom they are developing products. These privileged exchanges allow our designers to devise unique collections which are perfectly in keeping with their brand image.

Drawing on their knowledge of the market and mass- market distribution channels, Promeco offers a global service, which includes design, manufacturing control, positioning, marketing (packaging, POS, etc.), communication (emailings, event websites, etc.) and the rollout of customer loyalty campaigns to increase sales.

Promeco has a solid track record in logistics and has spent over twenty years developing a distribution network which includes both large-scale retail outlets and specialist luxury boutiques. To guarantee efficient and qualitative distribution and to uphold the brand image, it selects only the best distributors for the brands that it represents.