Custom-made design is a core part of our business: we meticulously devise exclusive, personalised fashion product ranges in association with the design departments of world-leading fashion brands.

Our design department works in close collaboration with some of the biggest names in fashion, including Christian Lacroix, Jean-Louis Scherrer and Lamarthe.

Working with these brands, we have a unique opportunity to imbue our carefully-designed ranges with their own unique vision. This special working relationship allows us to fully immerse ourselves in their brand values and then translate them into our own creations.

To remain consistent with the brand image, we take extra care during the design stage to ensure we fully understand the sales, packaging and customer expectations. Together we make luxury brands accessible through mass marketing channels.

Each of the design, production and promotion phases exudes passion. It is what binds our teams together and drives our heightened sense for detail and finishings, our love of fine materials and expert knowledge.

This is why we have developed product ranges for the biggest names in luxury textiles.