As well as mass-market retailer loyalty campaign experts, we are first and foremost creators of custom-made kitchen utensil and tableware collections.

Our USP is our meticulous and comprehensive design of personalised product ranges in association with world-famous chefs and designers.

We have a design studio in which we devise our collections in association with the brands for whom we develop these products.

In co-creating our ranges with celebrity chefs, we are also able to draw on their expertise to create better-designed, easy-to-use, high-performance products: we work as a team at the cutting edge of food preparation and tableware products.

We pay particular attention to ergonomic research and the choice of materials, textures and colours to create comprehensive kitchen and tableware collections.

The quality of our products and their environmental impact are of the utmost importance to us. We take care to source high-quality and durable materials and to come up with environmentally-friendly solutions.

The products we develop come with a minimum 10-year warranty: a cast-iron guarantee of the reliability and quality which is our trademark.