As specialists in mass-market loyalty schemes, our expertise is based on over twenty years of professional industry experience.

We lead mass-market retail customer loyalty campaigns for high-end brands. These programs are aimed at the various segments of the middle and upper class consumers who visit supermarkets, and enable us to launch new ranges and make luxury goods available to all at attractive prices.

Our expertise is based on our know-how of all sales and loyalty mechanisms. We also have a solid track record in all aspects of the retail sector: production, production monitoring, quality control, positioning, roll-out, delivery, returns and after-sales service.

Our awareness and understanding of customer expectations and the workings of mass-market distribution channels means we are able to create, distribute and promote complete collections which are fully aligned with these expectations, thus taking big brands to the widest possible market.

This is why, for over twenty years, we have been setting up customer loyalty campaigns for world-leading brands and have successfully launched over 3000 campaigns.