A to Z development of high-quality collections

We meticulously design comprehensive and exclusive high-end collections, for both the fashion and kitchenware sectors. Creating custom-made items is one of our USPs and an integral part of what we do.

In our design studio, we devise uniquely personalised collections, working in close collaboration with the design departments of major brands, with whom we form a special working relationship.

When co-creating these collections, we draw on the expertise of these designers and immerse ourselves in their style, in order to then translate it into our own creations and keep all items consistent with their brand identity. We bring to this design stage our know-how and expertise in sales, marketing and consumer expectations to make these luxury brands accessible.

Ergonomic research and careful sourcing of materials is vital to our custom-made design service. We are truly passionate about these stages in the process as we take immense pleasure in creating products which are more practical and more enjoyable to use… even products which don’t yet exist!


In addition to the A to Z development of high-quality collections, Promeco is also experienced in setting up and carrying out 360° launch campaigns.

Although Promeco owns a variety of brands, each individual brand is given its own DNA which is carefully monitored.

A strategic action plan is created and implemented to put strong and successful brands on the map, on a national and international basis.

After finishing new collections, the focus lies on the visual presentation of the exclusive products through excellent photography and videography.

The graphics team is on hand to create personalized presentations and catalogues to support our sales team.

Printed matter and point-of-sale material to support sales at distribution & retail partners is created, developed and delivered in-house.

The focus on e-commerce requires the development of customized websites, where the design corresponds in every detail to the image of the individual brands.

The content creation is done in a unique way, as each brand has its identity to reach the target group. This is closely monitored on the various communication channels, from online advertising to the various social media channels.

A specialised digital marketing team ensures that existing and potential customers are exposed to the products of all brands, in order to boost brand awareness and sales.

Creating customer loyalty is what Promeco strives for: the customer service team is always ready to assist and guide each customer.