At Promeco, we take the most delight in creating products which do not yet exist on the market. Passionate about all stages of the ergonomics and product design phases, we love the idea of creating new user experiences.

The region in which we are based, West Flanders, is renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit and continues to be a source of inspiration and indeed the driving force behind our design and innovation.

With many innovative designs and products under our belt, we have designed numerous exclusive items for various sectors including textiles, interior decorations, tableware and kitchen utensils, marketed under major brand names.

One of our greatest successes was the launch of the Novaheat® technology, with its range of electrically-heated thermal garments using patented “37” technology.

Following an extensive research and development programme, we are now proud to present our own patented technology, Tempcontrol®. This innovative technology allows users to keep kitchen dishes and utensils at a constant temperature for extended periods of time.



“This innovation will revolutionise the way we cook and serve food around the world!”